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The Merchant Solutions provides complete payment processing solutions. Whether your business operates from a permanent location or on the road, we are dedicated to serving the payment processing needs to businesses of all sizes and industries. We work with a variety of equipment manufacturers and service providers to put together the best solutions for your business needs.

We would like to navigate you to the right direction on our website. Please choose from the following on how you plan to accept credit cards:
Wireless Processing
If the majority of your business is on-the-go, a wireless point-of-sale (POS) terminal is the perfect solutions for you. You can process transactions anytime, anyplace without the headache of a sales darft.
Ideal for:
Automotives, Delivery services, Flea markets, Food services, Home maintance, Mobile servies, retailers, tradeshow, transportation etc.

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Retail Storefront Processing

If the majority of your business is done face-to-face with your customer, a terminal or PC payment software with a card reader is the best way to process your card sales. We even have wireless solutions, so you can take your business to your customers.

Ideal for:
Retailers, storefronts, professional offices, and other point-of-sale locations.

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Mail/Telephone Order Processing

If most of your business is done with your customer not present, or you do a mix of card-present and key-entered sales, a terminal or PC-based solution is best for you.

Ideal for:
Catalog, home-based businesses, mail-order, inbound, outbound telesales etc.

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Internet Processing

If you plan to use credit card processing software, and do not plan to swipe any of my customer's transactions using a point-of-sale terminal, internet processing is the best solution for you.

Ideal for:
Web site, home-based businesses, online-order, etc.

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