The Merchant Solutions understands your industry and tailors payment solutions to meet your needs. Partner with us and tap into years of helping businesses move money quickly and securely worldwide.

Whether you have a retail storefront, restaurant, hotel, or a service business, your customers expect you to accept credit cards. The Merchant Solutions offers a full line of products and custom tailored services to completely meet all of your payment processing needs. We are committed to helping you gain every opportunity for profitability and growth in todays demanding cashless payment economy. The Merchant Solutions can help you easily set up a merchant account to take credit cards. The entire process will take just minutes of your time and you'll be up and running in a matter of days.

Credit Card Services - credit card terminals

Grocery Stores
& Pharmacies
Gas Stations &
Convenience Stores
Keep checkout lanes moving and increase the loyalty of shoppers from supermarkets to drug stores to fruit stands.
Improve your level of service and offer more convenient choices for the payment needs of your customers.
Give diners more ways to pay the bill at sit-down and quick service restaurants.
Retailers Financial Institutions Travel &
Expand payment options, build customer loyalty, and offer branded payment solutions for national/regional operations and local stores.
Expand your consumer payment options, enhance merchant services and prevent fraud.
Ensure a relaxing trip and give customers the choice of payment type and currency.
e-Business Automotive Professional

Make every online transaction safe and secure with just one click.
Authorize and hold more checks to increase automotive sales.
Process credit, debit and check payments in the field and at a client location quickly and securely.
Healthcare Utilities
Streamline the collection and disbursement of revenue for public-sector agencies.
Automate transactions, secure patient data, and streamline operations to provide more time for patient-care.
Automate transactions, secure patient data, and streamline operations to provide more time for patient-care.
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