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Whether you have a point-of-sale terminal or an electronic cash register, The Merchant Solutions offers you peripherals to enhance your customers’ experience. Each of our peripherals features sophisticated technology that complies with the latest Payment
Card Industry requirements for security and fraud protection. Allow your customers to make PIN-based payments, initiate their own transactions or swipe their card for contactless payments. The Merchant Solutions Peripherals help increase customer satisfaction at your merchant locations.

We provide you with the option of our FREE terminal program or purchase various terminals and peripherals. We offer low prices on credit card machines, credit card software and all other credit card equipment.
First Data™ FD-10 PIN Pad

First Data™ FD-10 PIN Pad

Accept PIN-secured debit payments with our FD-10 PIN Pad that connects to most POS terminals and electronic cash registers, and fits in the palm of your customer’s hand.
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First Data FD-10C PIN Pad

Hypercom T7P Plus

Allow your customers to swipe their own debit card and enter their PIN at the point-of-sale using our FD-10C PIN Pad that works with First Data proprietary POS terminals.
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Hypercom P1300

Hypercom P1300

The Hypercom P1300 PCI-approved PIN entry device is designed to meet the PCI PED security standards for PIN entry, providing merchants with low-cost migration to newly imposed security guidelines. It is compatible with all Hypercom product families and features flexible communications options for rapid integration with electronic cash register (ECR) systems.
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Hypercom S9

Hypercom S9

Compact, comfortable and convenient: the S9 PIN-based payment transaction devices from Hypercom are simple to use and cost-effective, too. Hypercom's S9 line: it's the total transaction solution with benefits that you just have to touch to believe.
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VeriFone 1000SE

VeriFone 1000SE

The PCI PED approved PINpad 1000SE is ergonomically designed for ease of use and handling, plus it provides the added versatility of USB or serial connectivity. Fully backwards compatible with the previous PINpad 1000SE and the NURIT 222, it's a simple upgrade solution for merchants with those devices who need to meet the new PCI PED security standard.
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