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The Merchant Solutions carries a large line of credit card processing machines. We market name brand terminals like Hypercom, Nurit and VeriFone. Some of the most popular credit card processing terminals on the market today, include the Hypercom ICE 5700, the Nurit 2085, and the Verifone Omni 3200. Please call us directly at 888-707-2836 for ways to save more money on setting up your merchant account with the credit card equipment you need.
Checkmate 2500
Compatible with the NURIT 2085 and OMNI 3750
Small footprint with high accuracy & dependability
Reads MICR characters on checks & deposit slips
Checkmate 2500
Fast and Easy electronic check processing
Rapid transaction times enhance customer service
Tilted check entry area and intuitive design enhances ease of use
Small footprint to preserve valuable counter space
Checkmate 3000
Fast and Easy electronic check processing
Protecting yourself from bad check losses is as easy as plugging the eN-Check 3000into your telephone jack and power outlet
The large bright display and keyboard are incredibly easy to use
The keyboard layout's similar to that of a credit card terminal, making it easy to operate
The eN-Check3000 can be wall-mounted or placed on a counter for optimum operator convenience
Integrated modem provides direct access to electronic check processing service
The eN-Check3000 allows you to authorize, verify, guarantee and electronically process POP) checks
RDM EC 6004 F
RDM EC 6004 F
Converts paper information to digital information
Captures images of checks, bill stubs and receipts from debit, credit and ACH type of transactions
Converts documents electronically
Magnetically and optically captures data to produce an electronic transaction
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