Affiliate Program
Affiliate Marketing is a popular method of web businesses such as web designers, web hosting / domain registrations companies, internet marketing companies, owner of a high traffic web site, and other internet based business to receive additional revenue. Or if you work with businesses that need to accept credit cards, our affiliate partnership program is perfect for you.

This program gives you the opportunity to earn up to $400 per account, but requires additional involvement and responsibility.


The Merchant Solutions will provide you with an online application as well as a PDF copy to setup on your web site.

Third-Party Endorsement
Your business must be able to endorse our service or provide a product that can be enhanced by offering your customers our services.

Track and Reports
A trusted third party real-time tracking and reporting system

Referral Revenue Potential
You will receive up to $400 for every new account.

Unlimited Revenue Potential
There is no limit on how much you can earn.

No Investment. No Risk.
There is neither investment nor risk involved.

Apply now
It's easy to see if you qualify for our affiliate partnership program. Upon receipt of your email inquiry to a Merchant Solutions representative will contact you within 1 day or call 888-707-2836.

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